Digital Negatives

Digital Negatives For Silver Gelatin Prints and Alternative Processes

For the past several years I have been developing QTR profiles to produce digital negatives for contact printing on silver gelatin papers. The profiles I developed use a single gray curve, and have several advantages over the two curve method developed for alternative processes. Some of the advantages includes simplicity, easier control of print contrast, good tonal transitions, and very low grain. The resulting prints are indistinguishable from traditional projection darkroom prints. For this process I use Epson inks with Red River Glossy Photo Paper as the negative media, which carries more ink and is more affordable than back-lit white film. I have written a monograph describing the construction of the profiles, curves, and darkroom printing set-up in a monograph:

Digital Negatives For Silver Gelatin Darkroom Prints V15

Version 1.5 ,uploaded February 2014, contains directions on combining of ink profile adjustment and correction curves, as well as a personalized digital Zone System. The latter is incorporated into the grayscale test target, and allows visual calibration of the process by evaluating darkroom prints.[/white]

My website does not allow uploading of files mentioned in the monograph, however on request by e-mail I will provide the following files: QTR ink profiles,adjustment and correction curves, custom grayscale test target, and VueScan user set-up profile (for high resolution scans).

Table of QTR profiles, curves, and etc., for making Digital Negatives available on request